Durco was founded in 1912, providing a long heritage of pumps and valve solutions to the chemical processing industry. Durco is now a part of the Flowserve Corporation.

Durco Pumps – A Leading Choice for the Chemical Processing Industry

Durco were the first to use PTFE (Teflon) as a sealing material in a patented, special alloy, non-lubricated plug valve. Now today, Durco valves can tailored to handle even the most aggressive chemical compounds with compromising on performance qualities.

As a result, Durco brand industrial pumps and valves are one of the leading choices in the chemical processing industry, an industry that handles strong acids, caustics, chlorine, HF alkylation, and other corrosive applications.

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Pump Engineering Distributes Durco Pumps & Parts

Here at Pump Engineering, we distribute, install, and repair all types of Durco pumps & parts:

  • Durco Mark 3 ISO Chemical Processing Pumps
  • Durco PolyChem Series of Chemical Processing Pumps
  • And much more!

Don’t see the specific Durco pumps or parts you’re looking for above? Don’t worry, this list is not exhaustive of the Durco products we carry.

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