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Benefits of Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm (AODD) Industrial Pumps

benefits air operated double diaphragmThere are many types of industrial pumps and many of them have grown tremendously over the years in power, design, and technology. Most notably, however, are AODD pumps. AODD stands for Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm. Because of their tremendous, they now play a large role in the pump selection process.

Main Advantages & Benefits of AODD Pumps

1. Easy to use
Who doesn’t appreciate something that is easy to use and/or install or assemble? One of the major selling points of AODD pumps are their simplistic design and construction. AODD pumps do not have any close-fit, sliding or rotating parts,which means assembly is minimal. They are often referred to as “plug and play” pumps.

2. Lightweight and portable

This aspect makes AODD pumps versatile in many respects. They may be easily transferred from one location to another as they are also easy to dismantle, repair, and clean compared to other pumps that have multiple electrical components and parts.

3. Safety
The only fuel required for AODD pumps are compressed air. AODD pumps do not require the use of electricity or any other fuel source that may pose a risk for working employees who operate or use them on a daily basis. This works as an added benefit for the food and beverage industry.

4. Flexibility
AODD pumps are able to run dry without the need for oil or expensive high quality lubricants. As a result they do not get clogged, stall, or result in damaged internal parts. They also feature fully sealed units meaning they may be able to be completely submerged in liquid. Manufacturers often offer AODD pumps in sizes featuring pumps as capable as pumping as slow as 1 gallon per minute and other custom options for added flexibility.

AODD Pumps that Pump Engineering Company Distributes

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