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Types of Sump Pumps for Industrial and Commercial Applications

Vertical sump pumps are best suited for fitting in narrow and shallow sump pits, because they turn on the pump more often. This means that the pit gets emptied more frequently. However, this also means that you need to keep the pump motor running at all times to reduce the risk of flooding.

Vertical Turbine Pump

When designing industrial or commercial property, one of the things that you need to account for is proper drainage and sewage disposal. Storm water and sewage flowing through the ground may penetrate any existing cracks and reach your building’s foundation. This would not only damage the foundation and walls, but also flood the underground level and destroy your inventory, equipment, and other items below ground level.

With a vertical sump pump, this never has to be a problem for you. Simply install the slump pump in the sump pit, and all the water or sewage below ground level will flow into the pit from where it can be pumped out before it overflows.

There are other types of sump pumps available for commercial and industrial applications, including:

1. Submersible pumps

These are designed to sit in the groundwater, which also helps with cooling to prevent overheating. The pump is installed in the sump pit.

2. Pedestal pumps

Unlike submersible pumps, pedestal pumps are air-cooled. They need a lot of space for optimal air circulation to prevent overheating.

These pumps have a simple design, with a drain pipe through which the material (water, slurry, or sewage) is pumped from the pit. They run 24/7, but often require a type of float switch for activation when the material level drops beyond a certain point. The common float switches include:

  • Tethered switches – they are attached to the pump, and mostly used for deep and wide sump pits
  • Vertical switches – they are fitted in narrow, shallow sump pits, and tend to activate more often to prevent the shallow pit from overflowing.
  • Electronic switches – they rely on electrical components to read the level of the material in order to turn the pump on or off.

Finding the right switch is nearly as hard as finding the right sump pump for your application. Please seek help from a reputable and professional company to identify the best equipment and components for your specific application.

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