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Sanitary Pump Repair vs Remanufactured vs Replacement

When you have a worn sanitary pump, your options include repair, remanufacture, or replacement. But which option is right for you?

Sanitary Pump Repair vs Remanufactured vs Replacement

Authorized Pump Repair

Worn sanitary pumps can be repaired and re-installed. But repair is not always a valid option. Upon receiving your pump, the sanitary end and gearcase are inspected to determine the cost of restoring the pump within acceptable tolerances or specifications. The cost of repair is typically lower than that of a factory remanufacture, though this depends on the condition of the pump.

Some reasons to repair your pump include:

  • Quick turnaround and minimal down time
  • Can be done more than 3 times (unlike remanufacturing) to extend the life of your pump
  • Reducing your expenditure by postponing the need for a new pump

The repair work is usually quite extensive, and may involve complete service of the equipment for it to function like new.

Factory Remanufactured

This option is recommended a maximum of two times. When you ship your pump to the factory, you will receive a different one that has been remanufactured.

The process of remanufacturing may involve:

  • Inspecting and replacing all parts in the gearcase with genuine replacement parts as needed
  • Checking the clearances in the sanitary end and milling the body .030 or .060 to form new-like surfaces
  • Installing oversized rotors that fit in the re-machined body

Due to the oversizing process, all the parts of a remanufactured sanitary pump are a matched set, and should not be assembled with parts from other new or remanufactured pumps. The remanufactured pump is backed by a new pump warranty.

So When Should You Get a New Replacement Sanitary Pump?

If pump wear can be fixed without milling the cover or body, then the pump can be successfully repaired. But if wear to the pump cover or body prevents it from performing as required, then it should be remanufactured.

Purchasing a new pump is not an economical option, especially if the pump can be repaired or remanufactured. But after the pump has been factory remanufactured twice, and the extent of wear to the cover and body won’t allow the pump to operate at an acceptable level of performance, then it’s time to get a new one.

Keep in mind that the extent of wear or clearance within your sanitary pump depends on the specific application. Always consult a professional to determine the best cause of action with regard to repairing, remanufacturing, and replacing the pump.

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