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Now Offering: Mission Magnum Pumps & Parts

We are the leading mission centrifugal pumps and parts distributors with vast experience and expertise in the sale, service and repair of centrifugal pumps. We provide a series of interchangeable Mission Magnum pump parts that provides a guaranteed unified quality. We offer and distribute casings (nuts, gaskets and studs), impellers, mechanical seal pumps and more.

Mission Magnum Pumps and Parts

The Magnum is designed with an open impeller containing wide-tipped vanes and a tangentially circular suction that allows the pump to produce smother flow pattern when managing abrasive fluids. The pump comes in aluminum bronze, stainless steel, hard iron, and MagnaChrome fluid ends. Due to their economical structure, Mission Magnum pumps can be unitized with diesel engines, electric motors, and all forms of hydraulic motors configurations.

Mission Magnum Centrifugal Pump

Shown is Magnum Centrifugal Pump

Benefits of Magnum Centrifugal Pumps

Magnum centrifugal pumps are equipped with wonderful features that provide invaluable benefits to the drilling industry. They include:

  • Receded casing casket for protection
  • Versatile stuffing box
  • No-adjustment mechanical seal with long-life that allows near zero leakage
  • Back vanes for a reduced collection at stuffing box
  • One piece casting box
  • Shaft sleeve that is replaceable
  • Stronger and thicker concentric casings
  • Duplex angular contact bearings
  • Front access drain that is easily accessible
  • Roller bearings of single rows for increased bearing life
  • Full pipe diameter for maximum efficiency and minimum turbulence

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