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Maximizing ROI on Rotary Gear Pump Service

Pumping equipment in any large processing facility represents a massive investment, since you require dozens of pumps to move water and other process fluids from one point to the next. Moreover, the annual maintenance and service costs for these pump systems typically ranges from 2% to 5% of the initial value of those systems.

Although the range seems acceptable, the costs can amount to millions of dollars or more over the life of the machinery or facility. But the cost of service and maintenance involves a lot more than getting replacement parts and paying for labor and equipment. You also need to take into account that any down time of a refinery, plant, or wastewater facility has a direct impact on the bottom line – profits.

Maximizing ROI on Rotary Gear Pump Service

ROI on Pump Service & Repair

The maintenance costs for one-time repair, even on the higher end (5%), tend to be negligible compared to the lost earnings from the down time and process restart. So the true value of maintenance operations should be determined based on the facility’s uptime. The easier it is to maintain the equipment, the faster it gets done.

Simple maintenance processes give plant operators/technicians greater flexibility to schedule preventative maintenance between shifts or any other time when it is least disruptive.

Considering that rotary gear pumps are typically used to pump corrosive or harsh liquids, most applications prefer the sealless designs. Their solid construction implies that there are no areas of weakness for the harsh chemicals to leak and destroy the pump or surrounding equipment. This also translates to easier maintenance.

Technology vs. Experience

As the demographics for operators and engineering personnel continues to change, there is a gradual loss of experience at the worksite that can be offset by the use of new, smart technologies that use sensors to alert operators of potential problems before any breakdowns occur.

The combination of simple pump designs and fewer parts to maintain with sensing technology and intuitive access are the key to successful preventative maintenance programs and equipment longevity.

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