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Horizontal Split Case Pumps and Their Applications

A horizontal split case pump is a unique type of centrifugal pump whose casing is divided into two distinct chambers, which is different from inline or end suction pumps that are assembled with the suction nozzle, discharge nozzle, and casing in one chamber.

Horizontal Split Case Pump

The casing can be split vertically or horizontally, relative to the impeller, which gives you either a vertical split case or a horizontal split case pump, respectively. Some manufacturers also offer custom configurations to optimize the pump for specific applications.

Horizontal split case centrifugal pumps are designed with the suction and discharge nozzles in the bottom half of the casing, side by side, while the impeller shaft is positioned between two bearings, one on each side.

This rugged but simple design is particularly suitable for higher flow applications as it reduces thrust loads and allows for operation over a broad range of capacities. With proper application, HSC pumps offer minimal power consumption, low maintenance costs, and extended service life.

Other design features of HSC pumps include:

  • A double suction impeller that offers lower axial thrust and superior Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH)
  • Double volute casing to minimize radial bearing loads
  • Dual pump seals to seal suction pressure

Common applications of horizontal split case (HSC) pumps

These pumps are typically used to carry low-viscosity liquids such as clear water and unsaturated wastewater from industrial processes at average heads.

HSC pumps can be used for higher flow rate applications that are not suitable for end suction pumps, such as fire pumps, portable water distribution, plant make-up water, pipelines, cooling water, and other industrial process flows with fairly thin fluids.

Depending on your specific application, you can opt for either the single stage HSC pump with a head of up to 550 feet at 140,000 gpm, or the multi-stage HSC pump with a maximum head of 2.200 ft, max. operating pressure of 740 psi, and flow range of up to 2,000 gpm, which is suitable for heavy duty, high pressure applications.

Keep in mind that HSC pumps are not suitable for transporting thick or viscous liquids, as well as those containing solids.

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