ANSIMAG Pumps - Service, Parts & Repair

ANSIMAG pumps offer an extensive range of features that allow for applications involving the transfer of harsh chemicals, like in chemical manufacturing and downstream refining applications. Each ANSIMAG pump is designed and engineered to exceed the chemical process pump standards: ISO 2858 and ASME/ANSI B73.3.

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Featuring fully supported impellers, axial thrust washers, and fully encapsulated inner drive, Ansimag pumps are capable of handling high volume chemical process applications that most other pumps are not suited for, giving you exceptional safety and performance. As an authorized distributor, Pump Engineering Company can help you find the right Ansimag pump for your exact needs and application.

ANSIMAG Service & Repair

At PEC, we help to maintain and service Ansimag pumps, including 24/7 service and complete package systems. These pumps are different in their maintenance and service needs, since they don't have mechanical seals or couplings. Instead, they use magnetic drive technology, powder coating finishes for corrosion prevention, and leak-free Teflon line wetted parts, all of which contribute to their safety, performance, and durability.

With their simple sealless design, Ansimag pumps can be repaired rather quickly and easily, whether for routine maintenance or emergency repairs. Subsequent routine inspections should be performed over 6 or 12 months periods.

Operating conditions vary widely. That is why PEC engineers use the first inspection to design a preventive maintenance schedule, that will keep track of operating data such as pressure, flow, hours of operation, and motor load.

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Pump Engineering Company does more than simply distributing and installing industrial and commercial pumps. Our business revolves around providing solutions. This means that our sales engineers and technicians are available to make informed recommendations based on your specific application. Moreover, we will help you install, schedule preventive maintenance, and provide emergency repair services, 24/7. Contact our team today for personalized service.

ANSIMAG Pumps - Service, Parts & Repair

We are your authorized sales, service, repair distributor for ANSIMAG Pumps, parts & systems. Looking for Ansimag pump repair & service? We can help with that.

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